Hello there!

I'm Jake. Ive been doing video and audio production for about two years now and always learning more. I dabble in pretty much everything that is Snerd related you will probably see my face at an event we are at or in some of our podcasts or in my own, Music Talk! Shoot me a line at my email if you wanna ask a question or just talk about my time in Peru!

This is Emily.

Emily would really rather keep her actual name off of the internet and would much prefer people called her Lemon instead, but we really can't have everything, now can we, Emily?


-22 years old





Key Character Qualities:

-Usually pretty quiet, unless coaxed with booze.

-Has been known to run into oncoming traffic to save kittens.

-Often compared to chinchillas because of the fact that when cornered she begins to shriek.

-Will become emotionally distraught with prolonged discussion of Harry Potter.

-Wears glasses

-Cries a lot




I'm Kayla.

I hate most things on the Internet and I run PR for the Slurred Nerd which means it is a hardly productive venture but it's a living I enjoy.

My identity is a collage of hobbies on a shelf I rarely pay attention to unless convenient for me.

I love sweets, witty humor, big tall bearded hairy men, or Danny Sexbang.

Ladies and gents, Max here, I love podcasts. The idea of sharing information about myself and who I am is a lot like therapy to me. Ever since I heard my first podcast with comics and humorists alike I found a certain comfort and science behind the interactions to be had between the people that would soon become my idols. I enjoy having a couple of drinks and sitting the proverbial shit with my friends ask while thinking up new and unique ways for the listener to find humor in the mundane trudge through every day life. Live for the laugh, the story. Do it for the thrill, baby!




Amateur historian and craft beer lover, Gonz takes Guerrilla radio to new drunken heights with his rapier wit and spot-on commentary.